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Welcome to a world of wellness, at Exellent Spa of “AMARONDA RESORT AND SPA”. 

The word ‘spa’ is derived from the latin phrase “Sanitas per Aqua”, and it means ‘Health through Water’. The history of thermal springs and spas dates back to antiquity, rooted in Ancient Greek and Roman civilization. 

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Exellent Spa will be your guide during a peaceful journey of body and mind. The therapies that are offered bear the Thalgo signature, and are bound to soothe you entirely, revitalizing your senses and re-energizing your body.  

Thalgo, which is inspired by beneficial marine minerals found in the ocean, has devised treatments that have a Mediterranean touch that will fulfill your senses in a holistic way. Relaxation is brought about through calming and regenerating therapies, that will tone your body by increasing the flexibility of muscles and awaken your senses through the power of nature.  

Join us and we can jointly choose the best therapy treatment for you, being your companions as you discover new levels of wellness and well-being. 

For more information, please contact our reception to book your appointment. 

best price guarantee

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