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Hotel Amaronda Resort & Spa is located in one of Evia’s most popular spots, Eretria – Malaconda Bay, a seaside town that is an all time favourite for spending the most relaxing holidays imaginable. Evia is the second largest island of Greece, and is so diverse in natural beauty that it will charm even the most particular of guests. The north part of the island is verdant, boasting green landscapes with some hidden oases, such as waterfalls, whereas the southern part is mostly known for its stunning beaches. Eretria lies in the central part of the island, and offers the best of both these worlds.

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Evia can be reached at a distance of 110 km from Athens, making it accessible by car within an hour approximately. Its convenient location and vast natural beauty have been the main reasons why it is a destination that has been favoured by Greeks for years now, also making it increasingly in demand by foreign visitors in recent times. The charming city of Chalkida is the largest of Evia’s cities, which acts like a passing for further travel into Evia. Eretria, being the second largest, is also a place of great historical importance with many ancient landmarks that you should not miss the chance to visit during your stay at Amaronda Resort & Spa.

Temple of Apollo Daphnephoros
Ancient theatre
Temple of Isis
House of Mosaics
Macedonian tomb of Erotes
Eretria museum

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