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Travel Information: COVID-19

Dear guests & partners,

We are happy to announce that we are preparing methodically and carefully the opening of our hotel which is scheduled for the 3rd of July.

Amaronda Resort's  team, fully aware of the difficult circumstances which humanity experienced and each of us individually, wants to convey its wishes to each of you for health and safety  now that we are returning back on our daily schedule.

The government's legislative act on March 14, 2020, decided to suspend the operation of all hotels in the country until June 15, 2020, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. With respect to human health, first of all of our team and then of our guests and with undivided appreciation to the people of the front line, doctors, nurses, government agencies, who gave and give a tough daily battle, Amaronda Resort & Spa remained closed.

So as we approach to the day when we will be happy to welcome you back to our hotel, we want to ensure that all the new hygiene rules released by the government (health protocols for tourist accommodation) will be implemented on our hotel. Immediate compliance with the rules is necessary in order to ensure the health of our employees and guests on our establishment. Here below you will find the additional hygiene measures which we have taken for a safest service in our hotel:


1. Amaronda Resort & Spa will appoint a coordinator for the supervision and compliance of hygiene protocols within the establishment. The coordinator's details will be announced to guests upon arrival.

2. The hotel staff will receive the official lecture and training for the observance of the protocols and its compliance with the rules of our hotel. It will be able to guarantee the highest safety of guests within the hotel and manage to act correctly in a Covid-19 case. New hygiene rules require frequent hand washing and  use of masks or a face shields and disposable gloves by staff in the food n' beverages  department as well as in housekeeping department.

3. Our accommodation has already started discussing with a doctor in order  to ensure immediate support to a resident or employee.

4. Upon arrival at our hotel, guests have to give at our front office agents their contact details as they have to be filled in the Covid-19 logbook , so that in the event of a case within the hotel, our state authorities will have be guided easier  to all the contracts of the patient.

5. In the reception, in the bar, at the entrance of the restaurant but also in other key points there will be antiseptic devices at the disposal of every guest.

6. The reception staff will be at your disposal 24/24 hours for any information regarding the hotel's actions for the proper observance of the rules.

7. Every desk surface will be frequently disinfected. On  tables, restaurant chairs of the restaurant and the bar as well as on sun-beds they will be cleaned with disinfectant in every turnover.

8. In the reception we will put floor markings of the distance of 2 meters to avoid overcrowding.

9. Our hotel announces that from this year you will check in after 15.00 and check out at 11.00 for the best result in cleaning of rooms and to avoid people waiting in the lobby as it will not be accepted.

10. Room keys will remain on guests throughout their stay and will be thoroughly disinfected after each departure.

11. This year, due to the virus, we will transform  our outdoor space with the distances of the table-seats imposed by the laws so that you can enjoy the delicious dishes offered from our Chef. Even for those who want to sit in our interior space, we will take care of their hygiene and safety according to the rules of National Public Health System (NPHS).

12. A strict number of swimmers  will be allowed in the swimming pool, which will be supervised by the lifeguard of our hotel. There will also be a check  every 8 hours by our hotel maintenance manager at the pool to ensure the right ph values ​​in the water.

13. We highly recommend  pool swimmers to take a shower before and after entering the swimming pool for better hygiene.

14. The sunbeds on the pool and on our beach will keep their distance based on the NPHS protocols.

15. In the common indoor areas of the hotel we have remove the 50% of our furniture in order to prevent crowdie moments in our lobby.

16. Our hotel has its own laundry machines and undertakes the proper washing of all linen at the temperatures displayed by the experts for their absolute cleanliness and disinfection. We have a steam cleaner for all surfaces where its use has been mandatory for the maximum disinfection.

17. According to the announcement of the experts (NPHS) the cleaning of every occupied room during the stay of the guests should not be frequent. Our company announces that the cleaning of their room will be done every 3 days to avoid contact of our staff with a suspicious case resulting in the spread of the virus. Of course, every guest can contact the reception if there is a need from the housekeeping department on days when cleaning will not be applied.

18. In the restaurant meals (buffet) we will take care as much as possible to avoid overcrowding and multiple contact of serving items (spoons) items so as to avoid possible spread of the virus.

19. The hotel has already proceed in the cleaning of all the cooling-heating systems of the rooms.

The hotel is a place of hospitality, which means kindness and happiness that we have the opportunity to host each of you. Until now, we showed it apart from the smile but also with a warm handshake. However, the situation of our time requires us to change one of those the two habits. The smile will remain warm on our faces but the distance of 1.5 meters from us is necessary in order to ensure the health of all of us. This change came not to create a distance between us but to ensure your proper joy and safe stay in our accommodation.

The management of Amaronda Resort & Spa is closely monitoring the developments and is constantly informed about each new measure that aims to ensure a healthy operation. We guarantee the full implementation of every measure taken from the authorities in order to ensure the proper hygiene levels of our team and our guests.

Yours sincerely,

Ilias Kolonias

Amaronda Resort & Spa Manager


During that period we will be at your disposal through our main reservation department. You may find us on : reservations@amarondaresort.com